St. Richard Parish was founded by Fr. John P. Culliton on May 10, 1950, to serve 200 Catholic families of North Olmsted. Masses were celebrated in Butternut Ridge School until the parish gym was completed in 1951. The first masses were held in the present church in December, 1951. The school building was constructed in stages in the 1950’s to meet the educational needs of the fast growing Catholic community.  “Culliton Hall” was named in honor of the founding pastor, who died in March, 1959.

Msgr. Oldrich J. Korab was appointed pastor in April, 1959.   Because the parish needed three resident priests, the rectory was expanded to provide adequate accommodations and office space. A new building consisting of eight classrooms and a 600-seat auditorium, was completed in 1962. The building is now named “Korab Hall” in honor of the second pastor. Msgr. Korab retired in January, 1973.

Fr. Harry J. Fagan became the next pastor of a young and vibrant 2400-family parish. During his pastorate the Church was remodeled and the gym expanded to include a wrestling room and school library, now known as the “Fagan Activities Center.”

Fr. Peter J. Lenahan was named pastor of the parish in June, 1979. In 1982 the church was partially destroyed by fire, and subsequently remodeled to include the hand-carved figure of the resurrected Christ that remains in the sanctuary today. Father Lenahan died in November, 1991. Following his death, the “Lenahan Room” was created at the convent to provide a place for small gatherings such as funeral lunches.

Fr. Charles J. Stollenwerk was appointed to succeed Fr. Lenahan as pastor in December of 1991. Under his leadership, the parish has continued to thrive.  In 1999, the church was expanded to almost double the previous seating capacity. In 2000, the parish celebrated its 50th anniversary and the dedication of the expanded church.  Father Charles retired on January 15, 2022.

Fr. Thomas G. Woost was appointed as Administrator on January 15, 2022.