Evangelization Committee

Evangelization constitutes the essential mission of the church. It is proclaiming the person and message of Jesus Christ to all the world. In essence, it means bringing the Good News to every human situation and transforming individuals and society through gospel values.

Evangelization is not a program but is an integral part of all we do as church. It touches every aspect of parish life. It is the energizing core of all ministries. By baptism, we enter into a life of discipleship, continuing the Incarnation of Jesus by word and deed (proclamation and witness). Evangelization is the responsibility of every baptized Catholic.  The purpose of the Evangelization Commission is to obey our Lord who, just prior to His Ascension, commanded us to “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.” (Luke 16: 15)

Contact:  Rectory 440-777-5050