Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Evangelization and Faith Formation: Evangelization is not a program but an integral part of all we do as church. It touches every aspect of paish life. It is the energizing core of all our ministries.

Below is a list of groups dedicated to supporting the spiritual growth  of adults within the parish.   Activities are open to all desiring to celebrate our common bond of faith and friendship.


Avila’s: This group promotes vocations.  The group meets the first Saturday of each month and attends the 8 a.m. mass, prays the rosary and recites prayers for all vocations.

Contact:  Carol Baronowski 777–1369


Journey Through Our Faith: This is a program which provides participants an opportunity to learn more about their Catholic Faith. It offers presentations on a variety of Catholic topics while providing participants an opportunity to interact with others, which together is intended to enhance our understanding of our faith.

Download the schedule.

Contact:  Don Kalfas   djkalfas@gmail.com


Prayer Group: One group meets on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. and another group meets on Wednesday at noon.  The groups pray for the needs of parishioners and friends.

Contact:  Jackie Sowards  734-6037


Men’s Prayer Group: Men meet the 2nd Saturday of the month after morning mass to pray and reflect on various spiritual books they have chosen to read.  The book chosen provides a focus on a particular aspect of our faith.   The opening of the session begins with Liturgy of the Hours.

Contact:  Deacon Greg Noveske 777-5050


Ignatian Spirituality: There is an annual individual retreat ( 9 week format) and monthly private direction, provided by a certified spiritual director with emphasis on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.  There is also a group Retreat Day offered at the Jesuit Retreat House for those participating in this program.

Contact:  Eugenia Gyi    779-7721   egyi@sbcglobal.net


Spiritual Direction: Some one seeking spiritual direction would be “seeking to know, love and serve the Lord in a deepening and renewed manner.”  The director draws on the example of Jesus as servant/companion to others in a prayerful consideration of the possibilities of God’s transforming love: ‘New Life’ in Christ Jesus in daily relationaships.”

Contact: Sr. Marilyn Sabatino  779-7529  strichardpsr@yahoo.com

Evangelization Committee: Through prayer, reading and study members of this committee are attuned to opportunities to bring people closer to God and the Church, including Bible studies, the annual parish mission, prayer experiecnes and various programs throughout the year. In 2013 we will observe the Year of Faith and focus on Christian marriage.

Contact:  Hal Bruckner   777-9423   hal.bruckner@sbcglobal.net


Holy Name Society: The Holy Name Society is a spiritual organization of men and women whose primary purpose is to promote love, honor and respect for the Most Holy Name of Jesus. From their sale of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards they give scholarships to seventh grade students.  They coordinate the annual Anointing of the Sick Mass by arranging transportation, assisting at mass, and helping with the reception.  New members are always welcome.

Contact Ted Zehe:  779-9666   ted@zehefamily.com